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​​Why Saigene?

Faster... with Saigene's UAP you will get your results much faster than with any other competitive device or method.

Better results..... Saigene's UAP generates accurate and definitive results every time.

More Economical....... in every way, 

Saigene's Universal Assay Processor will prove far more economical than any competitive option, whether considering processing time/user cost, consumables cost, and/or asset expenditure(s).

Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) are a growing global problem in many marine and freshwater areas with increasing public health and socioeconomic impacts.

Worldwide, HABs are not only expanding in lakes and oceans but also increasing in duration and severity bringing new regional threats to human and ecosystem health and the economy.

In addition to our "Universal" Processor, Saigene's SHA or Sandwich Hybridization Assay method offers a quick, reliable, and inexpensive method to detect a variety of organic targets, including various harmful algal bloom (HAB) species found in coastal waters.

At present Saigene supports approximately about a dozen HAB species tests. 
These include but are not limited to: i) Pseudo-nitzschia australis; ii) Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries; iii) Pseudo-nitzschia pseudodelicatissima; iv) Pseudo-nitzschia pungens; v) Heterosigma akashiwo; vi) Fibrocapsa japonica; vii) Chatonella spp; viii) Karenia brevis; ix) Gym. Aureolum; x) Karlodinium veneficum; xi) Cocholodinium polykri; xii) Alexandrium tamarense / catenella / fundyense; xiii) North American Ribotype; xiv) Marine bacterioplankton; and xv) Green Crabs (invasive species).

Saigene has developed other tests based on its patent, including tests for Deer & Elk Wasting Disease, TB and malaria. The tests themselves are not subject to patents, but they can’t be run without the Saigene Processor and test kits.

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