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Saigene's Mission

​Saigene's patented molecular biology analysis system has been used since the late 1990's for detecting harmful algal blooms in sea water and fresh water. Scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) developed the original assays and instrumentation. We serve customers in leading marine biology and public health laboratories.

We acquired intellectual property from MBARI because we saw great potential value in molecular biological analyses that overcame the limitations of existing alternatives. In our new mission we explore potential applications where this unique technology promises substantial benefits. 

We develop new assays, reagents, test kits, and protocols as we expand into new industrial sectors. We also offer our system components to researchers who wish to efficiently develop their own applications.

Saigene now addresses major microbiological problems that cause costly damage in the oil and gas industry. Harmful bacteria cause rapid corrosion in steel, souring in hydrocarbon reservoirs, and massive biofouling in reservoir rock. We have adapted our microbiological analysis system to quickly identify and semi-quantify the organisms that most commonly cause these serious problems.

Our management team has a track record of creating highly innovative products in important bioscience and biomedical applications.​ We look forward to creating comparable value in significant new applications based on our robust, automated analysis platform.



algae, red tide, harmful algal blooms, HAB
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