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SHA-R&D Kits for Assay Developers

The SHA-R&D single-use analysis kit contains components and reagents needed by assay developers to create their own custom SHA kits for use in the fully configurable UAP-R&D instrument. The kit enables developers to apply biotinylated capture probes—such as oligonucleotides or antibodies—to pre-coated prong strips, each strip having 12 prongs. Kits also include pre-filled 96-well that contain the reagents for building the assay "sandwich."

R&D Kit Contents (per kit)

Single-Use Components

  • 10 each: streptavidin-coated 12-prong strips (store at 2º-8º C)

  • 10 each: 96-well microtiter plates, prefilled with reagents (store at 2º-8º C)

    • Hapten-labeled signal probe

    • ​Anti-hapten horseradish peroxidase enzyme (HRP) conjugate for signal development

    • TMB reporter dye for visual or instrumented assessment (650 nm)

    • Sulfuric acid for higher sensitivity TMB spectrometric reading (450 nm)


Additional Reagent

  • 10 vials of lysis buffer​​, each sufficient for 20 sample filters

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