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Universal Assay Processor with LabVIEW

Software Developer's Kit

Saigene’s Universal Assay Processor (UAP) comes with a full developer’s environment. The system's LabVIEW System Developer's Kit (SDK) enables the user to make changes to the assay processors sequencing and procedure parameters. With the intuitive graphical user interface, the toolkit supports sequencing well rows, time and length of agitation cycles, and other procedures.

Saigene's SDK comes with an appropriate default program pre-installed. Users can re-configure the executable program to fit particular needs. Typical application development begins with assay reagent development, such as a new organism ID probe. Then the developer determines assay operating requirements and programs analytical processes into the processor via the SDK.

When testing demonstrates success, the user can save the program in the processor's library.

The SDK includes—

  • A user-selected pre-installed executable default program

  • Configurability for sequence order, time and speed of well agitation, and plate temperature

  • Annual updates​

Saigene's UAP and SHA methodology offers—

  • Sensitive and accurate results, including semi-quantitation based on assay signal intensity

  • Automation: the user can walk away while the processor performs the assay

  • High throughput (6-8 samples per run)

  • Near-real-time results (~60 minutes)

  • Field and mobile lab operation that requires only minimal technical expertise

Universal Assay Processor, UAP, Lab View Develpment Control Software System, MBARI17b
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