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Identify Harmful Organisms in Near Real Time

Saigene's Universal Assay Processor performs rapid molecular analysis using sandwich hybridization assay kits (SHA) to identify unicellular and multicellular organisms in near real time. The system originated to assist early warning and organism identification with harmful algal blooms in marine and fresh-water environments. Leading environmental research laboratories have been using this system since the late 1990s.


This proven, robust platform offers the same reliable and accurate performance in other applications where harmful microbes or invasive species present threats.


We're adding new assays to detect sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs) and other harmful organisms that affect the oil and gas industry. Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), well souring, biofouling, and other harmful microbial effects can quickly lead to costly failures in oil and gas wells. Oilfield service providers have long recognized SRBs as the most common cause of catastrophic MIC and reservoir souring.


We believe that our system will help to prevent harmful organisms from entering new wells during drilling and completion. And we believe it will help operators to monitor wells during production to identify emergent threats, guide interventions, and monitor effectiveness.

Our system offers substantial practical advantages over other molecular methods, such as gene amplification and microarraying. SHA eliminates the need for nucleic acid purification and amplification. It only needs a crude lysate for processing because it is far less vulnerable to interference or inhibition by components of complex field samples. Plus, the automated processor requires only basic laboratory skills to yield reliable results.


UAP, Universal Assay Processor, Lab View Development Control System Software
Oil & Gas


Amazing progress in oilfield technology continues to advance the industry's vital role to feed global economic growth without significantly raising energy costs. Saigene's testing solutions can help reduce the operator's cost of ownership as energy prices continue to challenge producers.

algae, harmful algal blooms, HAB
Harmful Algal Blooms


The increasing incidence and geographic spread of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) keeps raising health risks around the globe. Saigene's system has a long track record in detecting and identifying HABs and invasive species.

UAP, Universal Assay Processor, Lab View Development Control System Software


Researchers and application developers need a flexible, robust, automated analytical platform that greatly speeds their test cycle. Saigene's universal assay processor and kit components provide that solution.

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